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Modulight newsletter 4/2015

Have a great summer – wishes biomedical laser teenager
Charity concert
Modulight family
Modulight celebrated its 15th birthday by participating to the charity concert for a new children's hospital in Helsinki, FINLAND. This new hospital will complete in 2017 with support from many amazing individuals. We also aim to make our ML7710 oncology and surgical laser available there.
Chosen by yet another pharma
We can also celebrate our birthday by welcoming another pharmaceutical company to the group who made ML7710 their laser of choice. This means already half a dozen pharmas have chosen a laser made in Finland. This will also enable Modulight to strengthen our service business and provide even better range of services, including device design, FDA regulatory documentation, onsite service, and annual calibrations.
Plug and play: ML6000 series
Modulight subsystem family of ML6500 and ML6600 are USB2.0 connected modules, offering plug-and-play illumination for oncology, stem-cell research, opto­genetics, gene sequencing and scientific instruments. Modulight engineering team can adapt the mechanics, electronics, and retrofit the box with the right optics. These ready-to-go products can house 1-3 lasers, each having a separate control, and wavelength from 400 to 2000nm.
Greetings from Munich, Germany – LASER 2015
Charity concert
Last week we enjoyed Laser World of Photonics exhibition and conference. "High-power 1550 nm tapered DBR lasers fabricated using soft UV-nanoimprint lithography" by J. Viheriälä, and 3 other papers in the high power session had our contribution according to Prof. Guina from Tampere University of Technology (TUT). We would also like to acknowledge the great work done by J. Decker et. al. Ferdinand-Braun-Institut and G. Schimmel and colleagues from CNRS.
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