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Modulight newsletter 3/2015

Modulight ML7710 speaks your language
Followed by stellar success – ML7710 speaks your language
Tampere, March 19, 2015 – Modulight, Inc., a leading biomedical laser manufacturer announced today ML7710 will soon be available in multiple languages. ML7710 can soon be available also in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian variants. Modulight ML7710 has been certified and supports a wide range of indications and configurations. Medical CE and ETL markings are valid for all configurations ranging from 1–8 channels. Channels can be equipped with lasers at any wavelength between 400–2000nm to enable support for all PDT photosensitizers, and many laser surgery, photo disinfection and photo coagulation applications. ML7710 saves cost through reduced time-to-market for pharmas, and protects the hospital investment by being the most versatile medical laser in the world.

“Orders keep on accruing and we’ve won every single ranging with pharmas since ML7710 design was introduced”, says Seppo from @modulight and continues: “This proves our strategy and commitment to ease of use and patient safety in Oncology, Surgery and Photo disinfection applications.”

“I believe ML7710 brings PDT physicians to the next level of confidence. Having had the pleasure to participate to both the design, and onsite support of the lasers I’m confident to say that customers will see this as a major leap. It seems we’ve been able to build the product from the physicians' point of view. I think the key to this has been working with doctors and learning from them”, says Jukka-Pekka A. who is an application engineer at @modulight, visiting tens of clinics and hospitals every year.

Modulight has shipped tens of ML7710s in the pre-market phase to a number of customers, and is now accelerating the deliveries world-wide. Currently our customers are using ML7710 for the following indications: bile duct cancer, skin cancers and diseases, ENT (ear-nose-throat) cancer, neck & head cancer, lung cancer, and others.
Photodynamic therapy: oncologic horizons
Going to future means learning from the past – for this purpose we’ve chosen to promote the excellent review paper written by Dr. Allison from 21st Century Oncology. His paper titled “Photodynamic therapy: oncologic horizons” published in Future Oncol. (2014) 10(1), 123–142 outlines the past, present and the future in a very nice comprehensive manner. We trust you find it interesting review of the state of PDT.
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