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Modulight newsletter 3/2014

Modulight Newsletter Nov-2014

Meet Modulight team at Medica
Meet Modulight team at Medica / Compamed 12–14th Nov 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany. We will be showcasing many exciting lasers and accessories including multichannel white (RGB) laser based on ML6600, the multi-wavelength certified medical laser ML7710, the handheld laser, and more.
ML7710 – medical laser system update
Come and try ML7710 at our booth in Medica. The certified ML7710 multi-wavelength and multichannel medical laser is unique in the world for a fast product launch in medical market. The laser is also increasingly asked for industrial, scientific and other applications. In fact this is the fastest growing Modulight product ever – with millions of euro order book. The table below outlines some standard optical configurations for medical application:
ApplicationWavelengths (nm)Power
Surgical810 | 940 | 980 | 1320 | 1470 | 194010–50 W
Dentistry405 | 450 | 665 | 810 | 980 | 14701–30 W
Photo disinfection635 | 665 | 8101–5 W
Aesthetic810 | 940 | 980 | 14701–30 W
Vein treatment980 | 147010–15 W
Hyperthermia of tumors940 | 980 | 106415–50 W
Laser modules with compact design and great usability
Modulight ML6400 (single-mode), ML6500 (multi-mode) and ML6600 (multi-wavelength) rugged, compact laser modules now boast industry leading performance at various wavelength ranges. Easy configurability for wavelength and power has made these products popular in various applications. Wavelengths ranges include: 635-652-678nm; 980nm; 1470nm and 1940nm, to mention some. ML6xxx series lasers are based on same proven technology as our recently qualified ML7710-PDT that was first of its kind in the world to get platform certification.
Lasers for different needs: ML6400, ML6500 and ML6600.

White laser – red, green and blue in one package
Our robust white laser – or RGB as many professionals call it – is clearly picking up interest. Since the announcement we’ve seen people asking it for diverse applications. To give you food for thought – people find many ways to utilize the unique characteristics of individually controllable red, green and blue lasers. Some measure artificial cell growth in biomedicine while others are using RGB laser in food production and machine vision. Applications seem to be abundant.
ML6600 with three individually controllable lasers in one compact package.

Recent highlights in the field of photonics
Day of Photonics reminds us about the date when speed of light was adopted. As many of you may know, CGPM adopted the value of 299,792.458 km/s for the speed of light in 21st of October, 1983. At Modulight and many other photonics companies around the world this day was celebrated as light based technologies truly drive improvements in so many areas of our society. A good example of this is the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Akasaki, Amano and Nakamura for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.
Kids picking their favorite colors at Modulight's interactive RGB laser demonstration.

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