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Modulight newsletter 2/2014

Modulight Newsletter Oct-2014

Modulight ML7710-PDT series laser is the first medical laser platform in the world to receive CB certification over 400-2000nm wavelength range and with up to 8 output channels. ML7110-PDT laser system has been tested and inspected at Intertek to conform to European (CE) and North American (FDA, CSA) requirements. Essentially this makes Modulight the only company in the world to offer such an FDA and CE compliant multi-channel laser platform.

Thanks to the certification process Modulight ML7710 PDT laser platform has won multi-year contracts worth more than $2M for photodynamic therapy (PDT) and other applications. This very well demonstrates the power of the system platform designed to reduce time to market, and protect the customer investment. This is achieved by making ML7710 upgradable, offering services to cover the full lifecycle support and versatile also in research.
The Foster Research Group in the Department of Imaging Sciences at the University Of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has selected the Modulight ML7710-PDT laser system as the platform for their clinical study programs in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT). The selected laser solution includes two PDT wavelengths, 665nm and 630nm, in the same device along with automated integrated dose calibration.The URMC PDT team includes physicists and interventional radiologists in Imaging Sciences, a microbiologist, gastro-intestinal oncologists, and a head and neck cancer surgeon.

Interventional Radiologist Ashwani Sharma and Optical Physicist Tim Baran calibrate the output power from a fiber used for applications in antimicrobial PDT

PDT is a relatively new cancer intervention making use of nontoxic photosensitizer drugs which, when irradiated with visible or near infrared light, initiate photochemical reactions that destroy tumors or microbial infections through a combination of direct and indirect mechanisms. For 25 years, Thomas Foster's group in Imaging Sciences has studied PDT mechanisms and approaches to optimization at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and whole organism levels. In recent years, their research has included an important translational component. With their medical collaborators, they are now initiating several clinical studies at the University of Rochester's Strong Memorial Hospital.

"We are excited to be working with Modulight in the field of PDT. Their multi-wavelength ML7710-PDT system is a perfect tool for a group like ours with multiple indications and clinical studies in mind involving more than one photosensitizer. This flexible, cost-effective, multi-wavelength design addresses a significant technical limitation that has hindered broad dissemination of clinical PDT", says Prof. Foster.
Modulight's recently announced illumination kit has already won several orders. The illumination kit is a scalable platform for parallel, automated illumination of photosensitive samples in R&D and drug screening. It helps drive productivity and consistency in the important medical research using photo sensitive samples and drug screening.
Our University discount program is progressing and there is still time to buy your laser for research with discount until the end of October.
Modulight passed yet another ISO13485 customer audit with flying colors. We got again praised for our traceability and overall quality management system approach. Customer is a global supplier of medical equipment with more than > 100 M€ annual revenue. Customer quote: "Modulight, Inc. is a well prepared company. All departments make a professional impression and all requirements were observed and documents were correct filled out and also available as well."
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Modulight is developing wearable illumination sources for actinic keratosis in PHOS-ISTOS EU program.

Photo: courtesy of Prof. Serge Mordon
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