Modulight newsletter 2/2013

Handheld OEM laser on display in COMPAMED, Hall 8a, booth #H29.5



Modulight manufactures a wide range of medical lasers with wavelengths between 465 nm and 1650 nm and power levels up to 100W for various applications like therapy, diagnostics, fluorescence, dentistry and surgery.

Modulight products on display in COMPAMED

ML7700 Turnkey OEM laser systems for medical and life science applications. Wavelength coverage from 460nm to 1650nm and output powers up to 100W. The system may have single or multiple fiber outputs. Features include easy-to-use graphical UI, foot/hand switch, power and dose calibration, and customized treatment protocols.

ML6500 OEM laser systems with low and mid power level applications in medical field, including diagnostics, fluorescence, low-level laser therapy, and dentistry. Wavelength coverage from 465nm to 1650nm.

The ML6500 systems can be controlled through a USB port with a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly and supports both CW and pulsed operation.

PDT product family consists of laser light sources and supporting tools for photodynamic therapy (PDT) illumination: multi-channel turnkey laser system platform for photodynamic therapy (ML7710-PDT), compact PC controlled single laser modules (ML6700-PDT), and an illumination kit for parallel illumination of photosensitive samples.

Handheld OEM laser for lifescience Modulight's handheld laser platform provides a very compact, cordless tool for bringing laser light right where it is needed. The laser is battery operated with wavelengths between 630nm and 1550nm and optput power up to 2W, CW or pulsed. Applications: dentistry, bacteria/inflammation removal, PDT, teeth withening, surgery.

Meet Modulight team in COMPAMED

You're warmly welcome to visit our booth in COMPAMED or to listen to our speaker presentation on Turnkey OEM laser design service for life science application (COMPAMED High-Tech Forum by IVAM, #G40, Hall 8a, 21st of November @3:20 pm).


Düsseldorf, Germany
20-22 November 2013
Booth #H29.5, Hall 8a

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