Modulight newsletter 2/2012

Modulight medical lasers take care of your well-being

Therapeutic Laser Systems Improve Quality of Life and Save in Healthcare

As a certified medical device manufacturer and fully integrated laser manufacturer, Modulight is combining its critical capabilities to build demanding medical laser devices.

Modulight's multi-channel
turnkey laser

One of the most recent application deploying Modulight's lasers is cancer therapy using a unique photochemical drug delivery technology called photochemical internalization (PCI), developed and patented by PCI Biotech, Oslo, Norway. Modulight's medical laser platform supports multi-channel dose calibration and easy operation through a touch screen graphical user interface. The laser system has an integrated calibration unit designed for 1 to 5 cm long medical diffuser fibers.

Please visit Medical Design Briefs for the full article.

Product highlights

SparkLight - turnkey laser solutions for medical and industrial applications. Wavelength coverage: 635nm (4W), 650/665/690nm (5W), 808nm (35W), 980nm (35W) and 1470/1550nm (15W). The system output is fiber-coupled by design; alternative configurations can be arranged by request.

The LimeLight family comprises lasers for low and mid power level applications in medical field, including diagnostics, fluorescence, low-level laser therapy, and dentistry. Wavelength coverage: 465nm (1W), 635nm (400mW), 650nm (750mW), 808nm (1.5W), 1470nm (700mW) and 1550nm (500mW). The LimeLight systems can be controlled through a USB port with a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly and supports both CW and pulsed operation.

Meet Modulight team in Medica

Modulight representatives will visit the show floor during Medica exhibition held in Düsseldorf, Germany on November, 14-17, 2012. To maximize your benefits from the show and to find out about Modulight latest product introductions please feel free to pre-schedule meeting with our team at

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