ISO13485:2003 certified laser solutions for medical applications

Lasers are increasingly deployed in medicine and life-science from surgery to therapeutic procedures and diagnostic tools. Semiconductor lasers are the most compact and wavelength versatile laser solution available for medical use and offer a high level of customization of the output power and beam delivery. Modulight recent receipt of ISO 13485:2003 certification comes as a confirmation of company's capabilities to deliver high quality products for medical markets.

Modulight SparkLight turnkey laser systems are designed to meet even the most demanding application specific requirements. The system embeds everything required to operate Modulight's acclaimed laser diodes, from laser driver to cooling and monitoring, all in a compact package. A microprocessor-controlled system design ensures the smooth and safe operation of the system, controllable through graphical user interface or standard electrical interface such as USB or RS-485. The laser platform supports both continuous-wave and pulsed operation mode and is designed and manufactured at Modulight's ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility.

The SparkLight laser platform can be adapted to power any of Modulight's high-power lasers, offering a broad wavelength coverage: 635 nm (4 W), 650/690 nm (5 W), 808 nm (35 W), 980 nm (35W) and 1470/1550 nm (15 W). The system output is fiber-coupled by design; alternative configurations can be arranged by request.

Modulight's partnership approach and broad in-house laser design and manufacturing expertise shorten time-to-market and lower the risk, even when dealing with customers' most innovative new product launches. Over the 11 years of operation Modulight has helped a number of companies to launch new products to market and also to upgrade and streamline existing product platforms for lower cost structure and easier integration.


    LimeLight eases laser integration to medical equipment
LimeLight Laser products are ideally suited for low and mid power level applications in medical field, including diagnostics, fluorescence, low-level laser therapy, and dentistry.

LimeLight lasers are offered with Modulight's unique wavelength range from visible 635nm to 1650nm at NIR. Standard products come with fiber output with SMA-905 connector, integrated driver, and cooling controller. The LimeLight systems can be controlled through a USB port with a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly and supports both CW and pulsed operation. The Module dimensions are 140x56x41 mm. Other package types, as well as OEM version with varying wavelength and power configurations are available on request. Currently the following wavelengths and maximum powers are offered as standard configuration: 635 nm (400 mW), 650 nm (750 mW), 808 nm (1.5 W), 1470 nm (700 mW) and 1550 nm (500 mW).


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