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SparkLight turnkey laser systems

Modulight's turnkey laser systems are well suited for medical and industrial applications, like PDT, aesthetic treatments, surgery, illumination, plastic welding and any application development. The turnkey laser platform can be modified to power up a wide selection of lasers, from 635nm to 1550 nm, with a broad choice of output powers from 3 W to 50 W (laser specific).

The platform is designed for reliable CW operation with optional low bandwidth modulation input. A QCW driver is available as per request. A SMA-905 connector ensures repeatable connection of the pigtail fiber.

LimeLight single-emitter laser systems for medical and industrial applications

LimeLight laser systems offered by Modulight respond to the needs of systems integrators to find an easy-to-use laser solution fitting to their application. LimeLight products are offered with Modulight's unique wavelength range from visible red to NIR. Standard products come with fiber output with SMA-905 connector, integrated driver, and cooling controller.

The systems can be controlled through a USB port with a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly. Other package types as well as OEM version available on request.

OEM laser systems for medical and industrial applications

The sub-systems produce up to 1.5 W optical power and cover most of the conventional wavelengths between 635 nm and 1550nm. Standard configuration is based on Modulight Butterfly module line-up options and contains integrated laser driver, controller, cooling, and external modulation interface. Customizable options include, but are not limited to, wavelength, power, and output specification, control interface, form factor, and various

operating parameters.

FiberLight laser modules for medical, defense and industrial applications

FiberLight product family comprises all the fiber coupled laser array products of Modulight, based on one or two laser arrays. Currently, the following wavelengths are available as standard products: 635nm, 650nm, 1470nm and 1550nm. Other wavelengths and power levels are available on request.
Typical configuration includes a thermistor for temperature monitoring and a female SMA-905 connector designed for 400 micron core NA=0.22 fiber. Other fiber diameters and additional features including monitoring photodiode, fiber sensor, and aiming beam are available on request.

Single emitter fiber coupled laser modules for medical, industrial, defense and research activities

This series covers a range of standard wavelengths, but supports all custom laser wavelengths offered by Modulight (from 630 nm to 1650 nm). The butterfly products are based on Modulight's acclaimed single-emitter laser diodes, from which the laser emission is coupled to single output fiber with a very high efficiency.



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