10 years of successfull lasers celebrated with 35% growth in business

Modulight celebrated 10 years of successful laser business with an open house cocktail party organized on 27th of August at Modulight's headquarters located in Tampere, Finland.

Established in year 2000 with a mission to provide laser technology for short reach communication applications, Modulight started in 2003 to address new markets that allowed the company to grow the business by 50-100% annually over 2003-2008. Entering medical, defense and security, and industrial markets was challenging but it proved to be the right strategy to pursue. Instrumental part of the new strategy was the launch of high-power laser products around 2004 that was soon recognized by our customers and received a Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation award in 2005.

Modulight's lasers have been also used for an increasing number of specialized applications. For example, our lasers are installed on a European Space Agency satellite that was launched in November 2009 and they are used for soil moisture and ocean salinity monitoring as well as weather monitoring.

More recently Modulight has been invited to be part of the CLEEN consortium, a cluster for developing new Energy and Environmental technology platforms. The program aims at developing sustainable societies of the future and tackles technological areas related to sustainable fuels, efficient energy use, energy market and smart grids and measurement, monitoring and assessment of environments efficiency, recycling of materials and waste management, to list just few of them. As analysts suggest this is a market with big potential in the future and Modulight is delighted to be part of this consortium.

The success of the company is attributed to the customers with whom Modulight has built trusted relationships and to its dedicated team, committed to company's growth.

    Lasers: past and future

When talking about the lasers in the past and in the future, Tom Hauksen of Strategies Unlimited says that there will be surprises in the future on 'the laser applications side, but mostly the changes will be evolutionary. The big question is: what will be the biggest challenges in the world that technology could address?

One is health care. The laser will change how we come up with new and cheaper pharmaceuticals, how we treat and diagnose illness. It's not that photonic technology will change medicine as we know it, but it will help lead to some great breakthroughs.

Another big issue is resources: energy, water, clean air, rare minerals. Lasers can help with environmental monitoring, solar panel and fuel cell manufacturing, and grand challenges like fusion energy.

Finally, there's mass customization. That sounds like a paradox, but it's not. Lasers can do volume production and allow for flexible manufacturing.'


Upcoming events

Modulight team will be present in two important shows in September: CIOE (Shenzhen, China, Sep 6-9, 2009) and ECOC (Torino, Italy, Sep 20-22, 2010). To maximize your benefits from the show, please feel free to pre-schedule meeting with Modulight team at marketing@modulight.com.


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