Greetings from CEO

Year 2009 is ending with challenging business environment for many industries, and laser industry has certainly got its share of this. While many companies around photonics and laser technology have been forced to deal with reduced business and in some cases also reduced resources, Modulight has been extremely lucky to maintain and grow its business even in 2009. This has been possible only through years of committed effort from Modulight personnel, to develop new technologies and release new products, and thereby opening new business opportunities supporting the growth of the company. Examples of these include fiber coupled high-power laser modules and turnkey laser systems released this year that have found their way to a number of applications, like medical therapy and laser projection. Modulight has also successfully set up OEM sub-system integration capabilities over the past 2 years, which has lead already to significant design wins, alike to the PerkinElmer business case profiled in our newsletter, earlier this year. In 2009, Modulight has also successfully entered into Chinese market in cooperation with the local distributor Photonteck, ensuring excellent growth position in this rapidly growing market for laser technology, along with established manufacturing partners supporting continuous built-in cost efficiency of Modulight products.

With the above positive developments in 2009, I see Modulight’s future bright and full of new business opportunities supporting the continuous growth of the company. I wish to specifically thank our customers for their confidence on Modulight as their business partner over this year, and in many cases over several years already. We look forward to continue the close cooperation with our customers and suppliers to produce unbeaten value to the laser related industries. All this has been and is only possible with committed and skillful personnel that we are lucky to have at Modulight.

Dear business partners, distributors, suppliers, and co-workers, I wish to thank you for the year 2009 and look forward to year 2010 together!

Best regards,
Petteri Uusimaa
President & CEO

    OEM laser solutions

Modulight OEM laser solutions integrate any laser with wavelength between 635 and 1650 nm, with driver, cooling system, and control electronics (custom-built mechanics also possible). Electrical interfaces are available from standard electrical connectors to custom-built ones.

These solutions are compact subassemblies for device integrators and equipment manufacturers. Providing customer-specific mechanical and electro-optical design, enables flexible systems design solutions, ideal for any industrial, medical or security applications where the ease of use and cost efficiency are a must.

With full in-house production capability from chip to system level and efficient supply chain, Modulight provide maximum added value and level of customization.

ChiliLase - red lasers family

ChiliLase family comprises lasers for medical and industrial applications, in the range of 632-690 nm, with output powers up to 10W.

ChiliLase products are available as single emitters and bars and are offered in various package forms, from mounted diodes to TO-cans, fiber coupled modules and turnkey/OEM systems.

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