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Greetings from CEO
Season open for Christmas shopping!

Latest product introductions
Merry Christmas from Modulight team!


Greetings from CEO

Year 2008 has been remarkable year for Modulight in many ways. We have launched a record number of new products that have got a wide acceptance from our customers. I am especially proud of the recent release of our turnkey laser system that was a result of a huge team effort by the whole Modulight team and awaited response to many customer requests on that front. Along with the growing product offering we have continued to focus on the superior customer service that has been our trademark for many years. Together with many other individual and team achievements these will again help us to break the annual sales record at Modulight!
We have also seen changes in our team through three new employees this year who have complemented the team nicely and are already contributing to the future success of Modulight.

Dr. Petteri Uusimaa
President & CEO

I am pleased to see that our growing team continues to keep up high spirits and produces amazing results from one year to another. Modulight continues to invest in new technologies also in 2009 in many fronts and we are excited to see where the results of these investments will again lead us. Along with our recent success at system level product offering we will also invest in new Modulight image that will be launched in January at Photonics West 2009 show. We are looking forward to meet you all there! Dear partners and friends, I wish you all enjoyable and relaxing holiday season and successful year to come!

Best regards,
Petteri Uusimaa
President & CEO


Season open for Christmas shopping!

Order Modulight products by the end of December 2008 and receive an Apple iPod Touch. The offer applies to all new orders exceeding 5000 EUR placed no later than 31st December 2008. If you wish to run your laser also through a touchscreen interface, take a look below on our brand new SparkLight turnkey laser platform offering easy-to-access laser power from 635 nm to 1550 nm.

Please visit for product offering and send your wish list to Santa Claus at


Latest product introductions from Modulight


SparkLight, the turnkey platform for high power lasers - wavelength coverage: 635 nm (3 W - product code ML1762), 940 nm (25 W - product code ML1820), and 1550 nm (12 W - product code ML1821). The system output is fiber-coupled by design, however alternative configurations can be supplied by request.

RangerLase family

1470 nm high power laser bar producing up to 20 W of continuous-wave output power. The product is also available as bare die with an output power of 800 mW. These lasers emitting at 1470 nm are mainly targeted to industrial and medical applications, like soft materials processing, plastic welding, fiber amplifier pumping and medical applications.

1530-1570 nm high power lasers with output powers between 100 mW and 20 W and a broad selection of packages. They target applications in need of medium or high-power infrared beams, such as point-to-point communications, laser range finding, and illumination.

LumiLase family

830 nm single-mode lasers for industrial applications, producing up to 50 mW power, housed in a 5.6 mm TO-can. Applications directly benefiting from this product include: laser pointers for dusty and underwater environments, distance measurement, laser illumination, and range finding.

High power collimated laser modules producing 300 mW of output at 635 nm or 500 mW at 1550 nm. Other laser wavelengths over the whole Modulight product range from 635 nm to 1625 nm are available on request. These lasers are used for applications in need of high-brightness laser sources with low beam divergence.

Merry Christmas from Modulight team!

Modulight made a custom from donating the funds intended to Christmas cards and gifts to welfare. Accordingly, we have bought water pumps that have been sent to the families in desperate need of clean water in Africa.


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