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Upcoming products
Latest product introductions
Modulight, a reliable partner in the long run
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Upcoming products

3 W turnkey laser system at 635 nm

  This summer, Modulight's product family takes a leap ahead through the introduction of a new turnkey laser platform. Designed to support both, research and industrial activities, the turnkey laser platform offers versatility and ease-of-use to the expert and novice alike. The system embeds everything required to operate Modulight's acclaimed broad-area lasers, from laser driver to cooling and monitoring, all in a compact package. A microprocessor-controlled supervisory circuit ensures

the smooth and safe operation of the system. The laser platform operates in continuous-wave mode, with optional low-bandwidth modulation capabilities.

The turnkey laser platform can be adapted to power any of Modulight's high-power laser arrays, offering a broad wavelength coverage: 635 nm (3 W), 690 nm (5 W), 808 nm (28 W), and 1550 nm (14 W). The system output is fiber-coupled by design, however alternative configurations can be arranged by request.

The key word for the new laser platform is versatility. All the features of the module are modifiable to suit the needs of the end customer. The control circuit can range from a simple analog interface to a computer-controlled digital assembly, whereas cooling can be air-based or water-based, depending on the user specifications.

For more information please visit upcoming products page.


Latest product introductions


RangerLase provides up to 20 W laser power at 1550nm
This spring Modulight released RangerLase product family. Operating in the 1530-1570 nm band, with output powers between 100 mW and 20 W and a broad selection of packages, the RangerLase family targets applications such as point-to-point communications, laser range finding and scanning, and illumination.

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High-power TO-can red lasers
Applications directly benefiting from this release include: laser pointers for dusty and underwater environments, entertainment industry, distance measurement, laser illumination, and medical applications, like treatment of acne and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


Designed for use in applications requiring high optical power from a small emitter area and a compact package ready for system integration, Modulight red TO-cans provide powers between 200 and 500 mW.

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High-power 1550 nm TO-can lasers
Designed mainly for free space applications requiring powerful laser beams at eye-safe wavelengths, this device comes in a variety of optical configurations, being capped with a flat window or (on customer demand) with a collimating lens. Heat-sinking and cooling requirements are modest, as the new laser module requires only 3 A for full optical output beyond 500mW in continuous wave operation.

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Modulight, a reliable partner in the long run

Modulight gets the best recognition as a reliable business partner from the continuation of long-term delivery agreements signed with its customers. One example is Vaisala, which extended the supply agreement initially signed with Modulight in 2004, until 2010. Read press release.

Another example is the European Space Agency (ESA), together with whom, since 2004, Modulight has been constantly developing lasers for space applications. This year, the two partners signed contracts with a total value of over $1.7M.


Meet Modulight team @ Optatec

Modulight representatives will visit the show floor during Optatec exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, between 17th and 20th of June. To maximize your benefits from the show, please feel free to pre-schedule meeting with our team at



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