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Modulight lasers for defense and security

New product introduction: RangerLase family

Meet Modulight @ SPIE Defense + Security

ROAD MONITORING: Laser system monitors slipperiness of roadways, Laser Focus World, Feb 2008


Modulight lasers for defense and security

Modulight offers a broad range of laser devices designed to empower high-end applications for defense and security. The newly introduced RangerLase family capitalizes on years of development work and expertise in fields like laser range finding and scanning, laser-based perimeter security, and laser illumination. Modulight's "defense and security" laser offering encompasses a large variety of lasers, covering the wavelength spectrum from visible red to the "eye-safe" infrared and producing output powers from 100 mW to 20 W. The Ranger lasers span across a multitude of applications, each laser being optimized for a specific use.

Pointing and illumination
Wavelength: 635 nm, 690 nm, 830 nm, 1550 nm
Power output: 200 mW-40 W
Package style: bare die, TO-can, C-mount, CS-mount, pigtailed module


  Whether you are pointing at a specific location or adjusting your line-of-sight, Modulight lasers can help shed some light on the situation. Designed for continuous-wave operation and boasting impressive life-time spans, the lasers in this application range can really make a difference in tough applications. The single-emitter laser devices, emitting up to 1 W of light in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions, are very good sources for high power,
Modulight mounted bar high beam-quality laser pointers in applications requiring bright, directional beams. The broad-area lasers and laser

arrays delivering output powers of up to 40 W are ideal as visible or "eye-safe" illuminators for applications hinging on bright sources of coherent radiation.


Perimeter security
Wavelength: 1310 nm, 1550 nm

Power output: 3-50 mW
Package style: TO-can, coaxial module


Looking to secure a perimeter? Fiber optics is the ideal way to do that. Impervious to lightning, water, frost, dust, or sunlight, optical fiber can really take over the Ranger job in a security system. Modulight has a unique selection of laser devices designed specifically for fiber-based perimeter security systems. Operating at 1310 nm and 1550 nm and housed in rugged packages, the perimeter security lasers deliver up to 50 mW of light in their single-mode fiber pigtails. Tested thoroughly in both interferometric and time-of-flight based systems, these small but vigilant devices can safeguard kilometers of fence.
Having worked with some of the top security systems providers, Modulight developed a number of advanced laser
Modulight pigtail module

designs aimed at improving laser performance and ensuring satisfactory operation in even the harshest environments. The advances rely on both laser structure and custom fiber optics elements giving Modulight the ability to assemble a laser to best suit your needs.

Laser range-finding and scanning
Wavelength:  830 - 1550 nm
Power output: up to 20 W
Package style: bare die, TO-can, C/CS-mount

How far is far enough? Modulight helps you to confidently answer this question by means of a laser-powered range finder. Developed for high peak-power operation, Modulight's lasers are an essential building block of any laser range finder system. With staggering output power levels in both near-infrared and eye-safe ranges, these lasers address the immediate needs of both commercial and defense range finder markets. The flexible packaging options ensure that users receive the exact laser they need, be it a bare die or a hermetically-sealed TO-can.

For more information please contact our Application Engineer Dr. Matei Rusu


New product introduction: RangerLase family

Modulight announced this month the arrival of its newest product family:RangerLase. Operating in the 1530-1570 nm band, with output powers between 100 mW and 20 W and a broad selection of packages, the RangerLase family targets applications such as point-to-point communications, laser range finding and scanning, and illumination.

Do contact one of our sales team members at for further information.


Modulight high-power
1550nm TO-can



Meet Modulight team @ SPIE Defense + Security

Interested in seeing our products and finding out more about their performance? Meet Modulight team @ booth #1534 in SPIE Defense + Security and win a digital camera binocular! We will have our Sales, Marketing, Product support and Engineering team at your service throughout the week. To maximize your benefits from the show, please feel free to pre-schedule meeting with Modulight team at


ROAD MONITORING: Laser system monitors slipperiness of roadways, Laser Focus World, Feb 2008

Thanks to years of cooperation between Modulight and Vaisala Oyj (Helsinki, Finland) motorists have a new tool for detecting dangerous road conditions. A road-monitoring system based on Modulight proprietary laser technology bounces light from the road to a detector and can sense when roads are slippery. The information from the system can be used to inform maintenance crews when it is time to salt or plow the roads, or to provide immediate feedback to drivers via electronic signs or radio as to the slipperiness of the roadway. These systems are now being deployed also in major cities in US for warning about sudden changes in street condition. See more here...


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