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Greetings from CEO
Season open for Christmas shopping!

New prices for coaxial lasers
Ready2Lase - Application development program

  • Paper cutting application
    Greetings from CEO  
    As the year-end is approaching it is my pleasure again to thank our customers, partners and friends world-wide for cooperation during the past year. It has indeed been another year of successful business for Modulight, resulting in average sales growth of 97% over the years 2003-2007. Despite the fast ramp-up of the business, we have continued to receive excellent customer feedback for our services shown also as exceptionally high customer retention and record order backlog for coming years totaling $3.5M. None of this would have been possible without the skilled, committed and joyful team of professionals at Modulight, who already gave me the best Christmas present in the form of the highest ever employee satisfaction score. I really feel privileged to be part of this team! We all at Modulightl enjoy working with you!

    Dr. Petteri Uusimaa
    President & CEO

    Dear partners and friends, I wish you all enjoyable holiday season and prosperous year to come! Please take also a closer look into other topics in this newsletter, you may find some new opportunities to grow business together with Modulight; or maybe something for your fun.

    Best regards,
    Petteri Uusimaa
    President & CEO

    Season open for Christmas shopping!

    Order Modulight products by the end of December 2007 and receive a stylish USB Harddrive designed by Porche to store conveniently your holiday memories. The offer applies to all new orders exceeding 4000 EUR placed no later than 31st December 2007.

    Please visit for product offering and send your wish list to Santa Claus at

    Updated price list for coaxial lasers

    Our permanent efforts to enhance the quality of services and products through improved manufacturing processes led to refined prices for coaxial lasers used for security and communication applications.

    Please check the updated price list from our sales team at

    Modulight coaxial laser


    Ready2Lase - Application development program


    Paper cutting application

    As a continuation of our application development program, we are happy to present below another customer case that proves Modulight's ability to fulfill and exceed customers' expectations.

    Our technical expertise and product quality were put to a test when a customer from the bio-technology world approached us with a proposal to develop a laser system for material processing. According to the drafted specifications,

    Modulight application development laboratory
    the laser system would be used for cutting 1 mm-tick filter-paper soaked in body fluids. The primary target of the project was to investigate the possibility of replacing the customer's existing mechanical cutter by the laser-assisted tool. Of particular importance to the project's success was the ability of the laser system to cut the organic material (paper) without igniting it. This condition is more critical that in the metal processing systems, owing to the poor thermal conductivity of the paper which promotes heat build-up in the material. In addition, due to the short supply of biological material, the width of the cut kerf needed to be well below 1 mm.

    Modulight was entrusted with the design and assembly of the laser system, optics, and drive electronics. We opted for a high power diode laser system, encased in a fiber-pigtailed package. The high performance laser design emerges from our well-established high power product line, being akin to our already recognized Watt-level laser bars. Following assembly, the system was subjected to extensive tests and the results far exceeded the expectations. With optimized parameters, the laser cutter produces 140 µm-wide sharp cuts at a speed of 3 cm/s. We went even further on to develop a complete robotic system that ensures a reliable and automatic handling of the samples. This system is now under consideration for field deployment by the customer.

    For more information please contact our Application Engineer, Dr. Matei Rusu


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