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Application development program

  • Photodynamic therapy application
  • Road weather monitoring application

  • New product introduction
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    Modulight fully owned facility
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    Application development program - Ready2Lase

    At Modulight, we don't promise, we deliver!
    Exceeding customer expectations continues to be one of Modulight's key principles. During the past 12 months we've taken another step towards full service customer experience. Working together with some of our key customers, we have developed products tailored specifically for their new applications.

    By their nature, lasers are complex and often impressive devices. However, their true technological value is revealed only when put to work in a real-life application. At Modulight, we understand that most of our customers purchase lasers to empower applications and that including a laser in an existing system can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. As a result, Modulight has launched an application development program (Ready2Lase) aimed precisely at helping our customers understand their laser needs and make best use of Modulight's lasers to address specific practical problems. Benefiting from a dedicated application lab and highly skilled (PhD-level) staff, our Ready2Lase program can help to reduce years of research… to months. In addition to our wide expertise in various types of lasers, the customers gain access to our extensive range of off-the-self lasers without having to commit to ownership for each of these lasers.


    The Ready2Lase program is strongly bonded to Modulight's Application lab. The lab features a complete line of opto- electronic characterization equipment such as:

  • laser-grade power supplies;
  • temperature-controlled laser mounts;
  • spectral and beam analysis equipment;
  • optical power meters (both semiconductor and thermopile);
  • electrical measurement equipment;
  • a large assortment of optics and dedicated electronics.
  • Modulight application lab

    All this equipment can be employed to assemble an exhaustive test-bed for Your application. Depending on your needs, Ready2Lase can span from a simple assessment of the best parameters of a specific laser in Your application to the development of a complete sub-system with plug-in electronics interface and optics for beam delivery right to your specific application.

    For more information please contact our Application Engineer Dr. Matei Rusu

    Photodynamic therapy application

    To meet increased customer demand for visible laser light, Modulight released in June its newest product family: ChiliLase, the high-power red laser diodes. Operating in the range of 635-690 nm and delivering up to 4 W in a 200-um core optical fiber at room temperature, the ChiliLase family products are the result of a major development effort, combining state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with innovative packaging solutions. Modulight's ChiliLase comes in a sealed, fiber-pigtailed package that permits easy interfacing to the power supply as well as the cooling systems. For selected applications, Modulight supplies the driving
    electronics, turning ChiliLase into a self-contained laser

    Modulight ChiliLase


    module, readily pluggable into customer's system. High-power diode lasers operating in the red spectral range (635-690 nm) have a high priority on the wish list of many application developers. Red lasers are seen as enabling elements for applications ranging from photodynamic therapy (PDT) and low level laser therapy (LLLT), to metrology and surface inspection. Together with a leading medical equipment provider, Modulight has harnessed ChiliLase product family to directly support also the main PDT applications in the market, a new method for cancer treatment. Supported by further developments, the red diode lasers are likely to become convenient replacements of the bulky He-Ne lasers, thus reducing the size and cost of the systems and allowing a blossom of new applications.

    For more information please contact our Application Engineer, Dr. Matei Rusu


    Road weather monitoring application

    One of our customers approached us few years ago with a request for a specialized light source to be incorporated in the first version of their road weather monitoring system. Modulight analyzed the request and concluded that a radical change in product design was needed including a new type of light source. It turned out that the solution suggested by Modulight not only improved customer's product performance but also allowed

    significant cost savings. Modulight was awarded a contract to develop a suitable source and manufacture it exclusively for several years. The road weather system lit up by Modulight can measure the thickness of water, snow and ice layers at the same time on the surface of a road. Also the type of ice (black or white ice) can be accurately determined. The system enables decision based on direct estimation of friction coefficient and thus allows for timely and objective actions to de-ice the roads. In particular, knowing what type of ice and its thickness correlated with the frication data does not only lead to saving lives but could also have a direct economical impact by avoiding over-use of salt and other de-icing agents.

    Vaisala road weather
    monitoring system


    For more information please contact our Product Manager, Mr. Ville Vilokkinen

    New product introduction


    Modulight announced this month the arrival of its laser family's newest member: the high-power, single-emitter 1550 nm laser chip housed in a 9-mm TO-can. The product code is ML1470.

    Do contact one of our sales team members at for further information.

    Modulight high-power 1550nm TO-can


    Who are we?

    Modulight is a team of professionals with a young enthusiastic spirit, solid expertise, loyalty to our customers, agile, flexible. We know that team's contribution is more valuable than the sum of its parts, so we team-up among ourselves and with our customers in order to provide them the top customer care experience.

    We are committed to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction and responsiveness to all our customers. This would not be possible without our highly skilled experts from manufacturing floor to customer interface and controlled production environment combined with unique business process management through state-of-the-art IT tools.


    Modulight Customer Interaction team
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