Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – April 2024

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – April 2024

First-in-human, phase 1 clinical trial results with ML7710 have been published in a renowned journal Radiology by Timothy Baran and team at University of Rochester Medical Center. The trial investigated treatment of deep tissue abscesses using photodynamic therapy with methylene blue and ML7710 laser. Abscesses are painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection. Standard treatment is abscess drainage and antibiotics, however treatment responses vary widely and are linked to prolonged hospital stay, costs, and patient discomfort, as well as increasing concerns for antibiotic-resistance. The trial in 18 patients showed that therapy was safe and feasiblewith no study-related adverse events. Results also indicated higher efficacy with increased treatment doses. A Phase 2 clinical trial is starting later this year to validate efficacy of this promising treatment.

Modulight is very happy to be supporting this research. We would like to deliver our warmest congratulations to the research team!


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About Modulight’s LASER-SHARP RESEARCH concept:

Laser-Sharp Research is a concept where our scientific board highlights cutting-edge scientific research articles from our customers. Important selection criteria are that Modulight and laser product are mentioned in the publication, the impact and relevance of the results, clinical translatability, as well as scientific quality of the journal. The nominated research groups will be rewarded to encourage the great work done.

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