Illumination kit for in vitro and in vivo research

Illumination kit for in vitro and in vivo research

Modulight’s illumination kit is a scalable platform for parallel illumination of photosensitive samples in R&D and drug screening.

MLAKIT enables uniform illumination of objects both in vitro and in vivo. Illumination kit parameters can be configured according to use-case to e.g. provide large but low irradiance spot or alternatively a spot with small diameter and high irradiance. Also tunable spot sizes are supported for certain configurations -please contact Modulight sales for more information.

With Modulight illumination kit preclinical illumination experiments become simple to execute and easily repeatable, enabling more time to be spent on careful planning of the optimal treatment parameters.

Combined with other Modulight preclinical laser products, this kit is the most versatile R&D kit in the market supporting all PDT wavelengths and required power levels for even simultaneous multi-wavelength operation.

Your benefits

  • Different optical set ups are available for both in vitro and in vivo use
  • For in vitro, different sample stations are available for rectangular 85×125 mm multi-sample microplates and up to 95 mm diameter round petri dishes
  • For in vivo, adjustable spot sizes are available
  • Easy assembly with the illumination source with an SMA connector
  • Easy-to-use multi-channel and multi-wavelength graphical user interface
  • Higher and more uniform irradiance over larger area than what is easily achievable with DIY set-ups

Technical info

  • Compatible with Modulight ML6600 laser modules
  • Integrated GUI with automated dose calibration with ML7710
  • Support for dose calculation based on illuminated sample area (discrete or custom sizes)
  • Wide selection of wavelengths between UV to 2000+ nm
  • Adjustable irradiance between selected range

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