Advanced applications


Non-destructive optical measurement technology offers ultra-precise measurement and analysis for medical, semiconductor and electronics industries.

Quantum computing

Diode laser light sources are at the heart of quantum networks, enabling photons to act as carriers of quantum states.

Optical pumping

Modulight’s optical pumping solutions range from seed lasers, single and multimode lasers to optical subsystems


3D metrology enables ultra-fast inline measuring, inspection, and process control in various industries.


Quality inspection plays a vital role when manufacturing medical technology equipment. Non-contactless high precision distance, thickness and other dimensions measurements can play essential role of medical device quality control process. Optical measurement can be also used for scratch or other defect detection.


In line optical quality control is essential part of manufacturing semiconductor wafers and microelectronics. Monitoring wafer bow, warp and total thickness variation (TTV) can minimize losses. Optical measurements can also be used to detect cracks or measuring dimensions, like groove’s width and height. Optical metrology offers highly accurate, fast and non-contact quality control process.


3D optical metrology helps the consumer electronics industry to address the quality challenges created by usage of wide range of materials and complex geometries. When manufacturing consumer electronics products, utmost precision is required. Non-contact optical measurements offer excellent tools to measure dimensions, like height, thickness, width and flatness. Optical metrology also offers ways to detect scratches or cracks.

Quantum computing

Enabling technology of the future.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing requires narrow-linewidth diode lasers to establish the sophisticated solution, where photons are used as carriers for the fast switching complex solution. Modulight offers the required extreme level of accuracy, control, and innovation for delivering the solutions for tomorrow’s quantum computers – starting from a single laser to complex and powerful solutions by using the Modulight decades of knowledge.

Optical pumping

High brightness solutions for ytterbium, erbium and thulium pumping. Diode laser pumping solutions are defining your fiber or DPSS laser specifications and performance, like efficiency and reliability. As truly vertically integrated diode laser solution supplier, Modulight has the capability to tailor solutions exactly to customer requirements.

Seed lasers

Single-frequency diode lasers are used to injection seeding fiber lasers. In this method seed laser is used as mode-selection technique to selectively reduce the laser’s gain threshold at specific wavelength. Even though, the method can be used for both cw and pulsed lasers, it is mainly used for q-switched and mode-locked fiber lasers.  Modulight offers single-frequency diode lasers in butterfly package for injection seeding.

Single-mode and multimode pumps

As truly vertically integrated diode laser solution supplier, Modulight is capable of developing and optimizing semiconductor material that will deliver high efficiency and high brightness solutions for optical pumping. Modulight’s 9xx nm material and various laser configurations are especially suitable for fiber laser pumping with different integration and output fiber variations.

Optical subsystems

If you want to focus on your fiber laser system and application development, you might want to check out Modulight’s optical subsystem offering for optical pumping. Modulight’s subsystem product families offer platforms for integrating single laser or multiple lasers. Compact size, flexible interfaces, temperature control, and integrated driver and control options make them ideal building blocks for system development.

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