Lasers for medical applications

Lasers for medical applications

Oncology and Cancer therapies

Cancer touches almost all people worldwide – either personally or through someone you know. The treatment options for cancer are much better than a couple of decades ago but cancer still remains a leading cause of death killing 10 million people annually. Modulight participates in the fight against cancer by providing innovative clinical laser solutions for different laser-assisted therapies.


Lasers are used in ophthalmology more than in any other medical specialty. The transparent nature of human eye makes it possible to target intraocular structures without the need for endoscopy or separate surgery. Ophthalmic applications for which lasers are used range from refractive surgery to treatment of macular diseases and choroidal neovascularization. Modulight diode lasers and complete laser systems are used for many of these applications. 

Genetics, drug discovery, diagnostics

Modulight medical lasers are not only used for therapeutic purposes but also for different diagnostic applications ranging from endoscopic fluorescence imaging to next generation sequencing. The number of applications utilizing fluorescent dyes is constantly increasing in both clinical and preclinical world and fluorescent compounds can be used to distinguish brain tumor from healthy tissue or tell apart different bases in patient DNA.

Modulight lasers are deployed in the medical applications field from surgery to non-invasive therapeutic procedures. Semiconductor lasers are wavelength versatile and offer a high level of customization of the output power and beam delivery. Modulight medical lasers are engineered all the way from user interface to harware and annual calibration for the specific needs of the medical products. Customer applications include photo dynamic therapy (PDT), photo dynamic detection (PDD) and non-surgical treatment of varicose veins, dentistry or therapeutic and cosmetic treatments.

lasers & optics for personalized medical applications 

We have many customers working with Photodynamic therapy (PDT). Leading institutes and companies in Oncology are using exclusively Modulight ML7710 laser platform as their laser of choice due to extreme versatility and simplicity of use. In accordance to our normal approach we often co-design the laser with the customer for their particular environment and provide the needed lifecycle support as well as needed accessories such as fibers, illumination kits, spareparts etc. PDT is an increasingly important technique for the treatment of cancer, age-related macular degeneration, psoriasis, for bacteria reduction in dentistry and general surgery. In future lasers might also play a significant role in solving the MRSA problem.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is typically used for therapeutic and/or stimulating skin treatments and involves lower laser power doses than those generally used in surgical operations.

In surgery, lasers are used to cut, coagulate and vaporize. Various types of lasers and pulse energies are used based on the absorption properties of the target tissue. Modulight builds very sophisticated, medical applications hardware certification ready laser systems and subcomponents per customer needs.

The application of lasers in dentistry enables dentists to perform a wide variety of dental procedures they otherwise might not be capable of performing. When used for surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with. When the laser is used for curing a filling, it helps to strengthen the bond between the filling and the tooth. In teeth whitening procedures, the laser acts as a heat source and enhances the effect of tooth bleaching agents.

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Modulight medical all-inclusive laser system

Case: Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is a serious and increasing indication as the average age increases. Modulight customer had been developing an instrument for 7 years with 2 different laser vendors, and also tried internal development. The result had been medically promising yet unsatisfactory usability and reliability wise. Modulight was initially awarded a contract to supply fiber-coupled lasers for the most recent development work. Very quickly it was concluded by the customer that it makes sense to subcontract the whole system design. Modulight worked and in less than a year produced the system you see beside, as well as supported the clinical trials that achieved very quickly remarkable medical results, implying more than twice higher recovery compared to conventional methods. Unfortunately, in the most recent clinical trial something was assumed to be mixed and no difference was observed to the comparison group. The project was discontinued. Even 2 years after, some of the leading professors from Harvard still believe the treatment works and we expect it to see the light of the day again. We wanted to share this story because it very concretely shows how we can be the engineer for your company to take responsibility of the light source.

Application Wavelengths (nm) Power
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) 630 635 652 660-690 753 1–15 W
Low level laser therapy 465  630 635 652 660-690 0.5–10 W
Dentistry  465 810-980 0.5–10 W
Surgery 800-1500 0.5–10 W
Hyperthermia of tumors 940 980 1064 15–50 W

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